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Elsonic offers consultancy services for IT and BPO projects and conducts tailor-made overseas business advantage programmes to introduce clients to prospective outsourcing business persons.

Elsonic is an Indian, broad-based hi-tech, knowledge specialist. Its knowledge base has been developed through hard experience of over 25 years of Indian entrepreneurship. This includes Research, Development, Production, Marketing, liasoning & in-depth project techno-economic feasibility analysis. Led by an electronics engineer, Elsonic's core business is electronics.

In engineering hardware product areas, Elsonic identify and find effective security solutions for estates, farms & also building and infrastructure-project companies to increase their product value and their intrinsic marketability, with little or no increase in cost to themselves.

Overseas clients are assured of reliable, monitored project co-ordination of their non-core activities that are farmed out through Elsonic. In Elsonic one can find a dependable partner familiar with the culture and business practices of the Indian sub-continent and capable of expert navigation, to ensure economic advantage and exponential growth to all concerned, through fair business practices.


Our Beliefs

We believe we can contribute to increased profitability and revenue of clients & alliance partners. We also believe that we can achieve both short-term and long-term goals through our commitment to quality, and the dependability of our products & services.

Typical BPO Facilities:


The present focus in services is  sub-contract manufacturing and back-office assignments & projects, to be executed in modern, closely monitored facilities located in India. This offers continuing opportunities to registered & qualified client’s overseas locations to take advantage of off-shore sub-contract & outsource opportunities with quality, reliablity and delivery monitored &  co-ordinated by the Elsonic team.

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