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We have a wide range of tools and equipment to complete installations on time. These include:

# Post Hole Auger

# Spinning Jenny

# Pounder Hammer

# Wire wrapper

# Site Reel Wrapper


Our Engineering Teams ensure timely and professional execution of jobs at hand using the latest installation technology and the highest quality material. Our motto is -- QUALITY AT ANY COST !!!

Our innovative technology with constant up-gradation ensures that the installed systems serve the purpose for which they were intended. Support is with concern and care for our customers.
We have fine process equipment to ensure excellent quality steel tubes, high-tensile wire and other metal & plastic accesories finished to international standards and to last you a long time with the least maintenance

Below is a view of our Wire Dispenser - Spinning Jenny, on site

Spinning Jenny; Size=180 pixels

Other Equipment

Our equipment & facilites ensure controlled quality manufacture of steel, plastic and electronic products using:

* Power presses

* Plastic Injection machines

* Electronic Test Equipment

We would be happy to update you on our manufacturing and supply service capabilities pertinent to your specific requirements.

Facilities; Size=180 pixels

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