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We offer total peripheral barrier security solutions in any locations. Remote areas need not depend on utility power sources as all engineered systems include solar power with utility power-packs.


We offer low impedance, high thru-put, rugged energisers and a range of accessories some of which are featured above viz:
# Tension Springs (Auto-Spring Tensioners)
# Fire-Resistant Plastic Strain Insulators 
# Fire-Resistant Platic Reel Insulators
# Ratchet Wire Tensioner Handles
# Ratchet Wire Tensioners
# Gate Springs

Elsonic integrates reliable and fool-proof, state-of-the-art electronic hardware of the highest quality into engineered system installations, to local and easily supportable locations. The new innovative products include the Bi-Arm Elephant Fence, the Bi-Arm Multi-Barrier Human Fence & a range of energisers and reliable monitors help secure the outer barriers of human habitation or contain animals within their habitat. The innovative methods used along with dedicated engineering commitment results in more effective solutions than those presently offered in the Indian region.

Elsonic also carries out system integration using its broad knowledge of hardware & software. These are particularly critical in security applications where Elsonic specializes in integrating the entire system with radio-telemetry links while using proprietary Pakton software.

We can manufacture product accessories to meet specific customer needs. Contact us with your requirements and we can work with you on the product specifications.

Products in the Electronic Watchdog™ Systems

range include the following :-

Fenshok™ : Low-impedance, high voltage, pulsed, human deterrent, Fence Energisers (invented 1981)

Omnialarm™ : Highly reliable, totally solid-state compact Burglar/Fire Alarm Systems (invented 1974) Emcall™ : Solid-state, thyristor-controlled computer interactive Call Management Systems (copyright 1974)

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